How to be a False Lash Pro!

Mastering your DIY lash game is so much more about practice, than first-time-perfect.

Resident DB babe and makeup artist, Amanda, takes us through what you need to get your lash-on.

You will need:

1 x  Faux Mink 3D Lashes in your fave style

1 x  Stuck on You Lash Glue

1 x pair of Nail Scissors

1 x  Streamliner Cream Gel Eyeliner

1 x  Beyond Amplifying Mascara

1 x  Stay Secure Lash Applicator

Lash Application tips:

Tip 1: Line and Define to hide those Lash crimes

Help your end result to appear more seamless by lining your upper lash line with the  Streamliner Cream Gel Eyeliner, before applying any other products. Even if you end up going over this line with eyeshadow later, it will still help the false lash band blend together better with your overall eye look!

Tip 2: Put on Mascara before you apply your Lashes, not just after

This will keep your natural lashes looking their best and most blended when you go to apply your false lashes. A tubing formula like  Beyond Amplifying Mascara  works best to avoid any flaking or transfer, especially if you’re prone to watery eyes when applying lashes.

Tip 3: One-size-doesn't-fit-all

Be sure to trim your lashes to size before going anywhere near the lash glue. Take your lash and place it up against your eye and figure out where you can trim the length, for a more realistic finish. It’s always a good idea to trim lashes from the inside corner out, so that you can blend your shorter, inner-most lashes to the false lashes. Plus, it leaves the longest, most luxurious lashes at the outer corner of the band intact, for maximum drama. Try  3D Faux Mink Lashes in Fierce  for a fully loaded lash look or  3D Faux Mink Lashes in Girl Next Door  for something subtle, yet still glamorous.

Tip 4: Bend it like...Beckham?

We’re not sure if Posh has cottoned on to this lash tip yet but giving new lashes a quick back and forth bend will make them more flexible and easy to apply. Simply hold the lash ends in each hand and alternate wiggling them up and down to soften them up.

Tip 5: Practice patience...with your Lash Glue

One of the most common lash mistakes that people make is to start applying lashes when the glue is not yet ready. This leads to things like misaligned lashes and those dreaded droopy eyes when your lashes have slipped and shifted out of place. Apply a consistent amount of glue to the entire lash band, being sure to ensure there’s glue on the inner and outer ends. Try to avoid piling on too much lash glue, as this will not secure lashes more firmly but will have the opposite effect of causing lash slippage. Be sure to WAIT until your  Stuck on You Lash Glue  has started to turn transparent, from neon purple, before applying lashes. This will ensure that the glue is ‘tacky’ enough to grip to the correct spot, staying in place once you let go.

Tip 6: Don't be afraid to cheat

Make life easier by using the  Stay Secure Lash Applicator.  They come in a tweezer-like format, without the pointy edges, to prevent any eye poking incidents. An applicator will allow you to get up close to the lash band and position it perfectly along the lash line, as well as clamping lashes and falsies together for a realistic blend.

Tip 7: Look down to apply

Holding a mirror down low will allow you to more easily see where you are applying your false lashes and will give you a better viewing angle than looking straight into a mirror. True story.

These lash tips will take you one step closer to becoming a lash master. Remember, practice makes perfect, so taking some time to pop on some lashes in the morning during the week will get you in top shape for your lash application on the weekend. Check out your DB Lash essentials below and get practicing!

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