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30th of November, 2021

Mascara Tips: How to Apply Mascara Properly

Jordan Hazan
How to Apply Mascara Properly | DB Cosmetics NZ | 01

Mascara is the most essential product when it comes to your beauty routine. Not only does mascara work to complete your makeup look, but also enhance facial features and make lashes appear thicker and healthier.

Applying mascara appears to be a pretty straightforward task. Right?! Although it seems a simple task, applying mascara perfectly without causing smudges can be a difficult skill to master. Dealing with a makeup product as pigmented and messy as mascara can often lead to easy mistakes that are hard to erase.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a natural makeup look or complete a full face of glam, mascara is the most essential step.

It’s all about choosing the right mascara

With an abundance of unique mascara formulas available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is most suited to your individual needs.

The most fundamental step in selecting your next mascara is to match the brush to your lash type. Each brush has been designed differently to accommodate for unique lash styles.
  • Short Lashes
    For short lashes, we suggest opting for a comb like brush that will ensure thorough application of the lashes, reducing clumping. Selecting a mascara formula infused with growth ingredients will work to promote optimal lash health while leaving you feeling at your best!

    The Absolute Lash Lengthening Volumising Mascara achieves flawless lashes while maintaining a natural approach. Including water-resistant abilities, this formula adds dramatic length with one application. Infused with Vitamin B5 and E, this mascara works to repair and nourish the lashes for long lasting results.

  • Long Lashes
    For naturally longer lashes, it is recommended that you use a curved brush as this will provide the lashes with shape while coating them in mascara. Try selecting a formula specifically targeted to providing the lashes with additional hold and colour to enhance the length.

    Try using the Centre Stage Curl & Volume Mascara to provide extreme volume from root to tip. Embodying an hourglass shaped brush, this mascara includes fluffy bristles which work to coat each and every lash. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, this formula hydrates lashes while promoting growth.

  • Sparse Lashes
    For sparse lashes we can achieve the best results with the use of a rounder brush as this helps to ensure that no lash is missed during the application process. We suggest opting for a formula with thickening fibres to provide lashes with additional length while achieving flawless results.

    For a more enhanced glam approach, we suggest trying the Beyond Amplifying Curling Volumising Mascara. Promoting longer, thicker lashes with every use, this mascara is highly rated amongst everyone who has used it. Infused with Argan Oil, this formula conditions, softens and nourishes the lashes.

  • Uneven Lashes
    When dealing with uneven lashes, we suggest the use of a larger brush with a tapered centre working to hide the uneven patches between the lashes. Uneven lashes generally come as a result of lash damage, creating the need for a mascara that has been formulated with nourishing oils, working to promote growth and repairment of the lashes.

    We suggest trying the False & Flared False Lash Effect Mascara to create the illusion of volumized lashes. Infused with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Serine, this mascara works to repair uneven lashes while allowing for instant volume enhancement. The FG 78 brush works to lift and separate each individual lash for the ultimate effect. Experience perfect lashes all day with this highly buildable and flexible formula.

How to apply your mascara like a pro

Ensure lashes are clean and primed before application

Ensuring clean lashes prior to application of mascara simply ensure all dirt and bacteria is removed, creating a base for flawless application. In addition, this works to prevent the mascara from becoming infected with bacteria which additionally protects your eye health.

Try using the DB Cosmetics Lash Primer to create longer lashes with enhanced volume. Simply zig-zag the primer across the base of the lash line, working your way to the end of the lashes. Applying Lash Primer regularly contributes to naturally thicker lashes. Infused with Antioxidants, Green Tea and Coenzyme Q10, this product works exactly as the name suggests.

Curl your lashes prior to application

You are guaranteed to love this tip! Incorporating an eyelash curler into your daily beauty routine makes a world of difference. A good eyelash curler helps to lift, lengthen and separate your eyelash hairs, preparing them for smooth application.

Start in the middle and work your way through to the corners

When applying your mascara, begin in the middle of the eye and work your way towards the outer corners. For flawless results, it is important to apply 1-2 coats, while ensuring that you apply each of the lashes before the mascara dries as this will eliminate clumps.

Apply a thin coat to the lower lashes

Never underestimate the power of the lower lashes. After all, coating your lower lashes in a thin layer of mascara works to enhance eye colour and ultimately complete your makeup look. After coating your upper lashes, use any excess product on the brush to wiggle on a touch of colour to your lower lashes.

Bonus tips and hacks for perfecting your mascara

Replace your mascara every 3 months

For many of us, it is a common occurrence to continue using the same old mascara well past its expiration date. Although this poses major risks for our eye health! A tube of mascara is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which unfortunately can easily lead to an infection as the mascara is being applied so close to the eyes. Replacing your mascara regularly limits the risk of associated eye infections. Have you pulled your mascara out one day just to notice that it has dried up? This is a sign that it’s time to replace it!

Try applying your mascara to both sides of your lashes

Want to know how to achieve that volumised mascara look that all the makeup artists are rocking? Then you need to follow this tip- try applying mascara to both sides of your lashes to achieve a dramatic look with extra thickness. Not only does this enhance your lashes, but also avoids clumping. What more could you ask for?!

Allow time for your mascara to dry

Mascara consists of a pigmented formula that is often smudged when we don’t allow time for it to dry after application. Have you ever blinked after application just to find streaks of mascara on your eyelid? Trust us. We know how messy it can be! The removal of mascara smudges often adds great amounts of time onto our makeup routine, as we scrub off the dark spots and begin redoing our work.

Adding an extra minute to your beauty routine by letting your mascara dry is guaranteed to save you time in the long run! If you do happen to get some mascara on your eyelid, simply wait for the product to completely dry and then use a clean spoolie to gently scrape it off before touching up with concealer.