Setting Powder or Setting Spray: How To Chose Which One Is For You

Setting powder and sprays are an essential part of every makeup routine. Both products work to extend the longevity of your makeup, but despite this similarity, there are key differences that can affect the wear and benefits.

Depending on your skin type, the condition of your skin, and the quality of finish you are looking for, knowing the difference between setting powder and setting spray is sure to transform your look.

Setting Powders: What Are They & What Are Their Benefits?

Setting powder is a powder comprised of ingredients like talc and silica to offer lightweight coverage and absorb the excess oils and moisture in the skin, making them ideal for oily and combination skin types. Perfect for holding foundation in place, these products are used at the end of the makeup routine to leave the skin with an airbrushed finish. Our range of setting powders at DB Cosmetics, from our Ready Set Setting Powder to our Hydra Set Translucent Loose Setting Powder, offer a range of benefits from securing makeup, hydrating the skin, and brightening the complexion.

Who Are Setting Powders Best Suited For?

If your skin is leaning towards the oily or combination skin type, the use of a setting powder may yield better results. If you have problems with cracking or excess oil throughout the day, the powder will help absorb moisture to keep your makeup looking even.

Many of us often wonder, ‘do you need both setting powder and setting spray?’ and ‘can you use setting spray over powder?’ When wearing foundation or substantial amounts of concealer, setting powder should be used over setting spray to avoid that shiny look, as the spray will not absorb as well as powder, and sits on the skin for longer.

How & When to Use Setting Powders

To best apply your setting powder, use a brush like our Complexion Perfection Kabuki Brush to gently buff the powder all over your face to set the makeup. For the best results, this should be the last part of your makeup regime to avoid compromising your makeup. Setting powder is a useful product to try in those warmer summer months to help reduce the amount of moisture in your skin and maintain that flawless look.

All You Need to Know About Setting Sprays

Setting spray contains a bonding agent to help makeup stick to the skin. This can be applied all over the skin, not just the face, after you have finished your makeup routine. Setting spray offers a dewy or matte finish depending on your choice of product, as it does not seep into pores, leaving a lightweight feel and finish. These sprays lend moisture to the skin, making them better for dry and maturing skin types. Our Mist Me Setting Spray in White Gold and Rose Water provide a boost of hydration to the skin.

Which Skin Types Respond Better to Setting Sprays?

Dry and mature skin types can benefit from the use of setting sprays over powders. Their ability to lock in moisture and create a softer, more youthful look helps reduce the signs of aging as well as promote skin health. However, those with oily skin can enjoy setting sprays with ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel and rose water to help tackle excess oil production.

How to Use Setting Sprays & When Are They Most Ideal to Use?

To use setting spray, hold the bottle approximately 15 cm away from the face and spray, covering everywhere you have applied makeup. For the best results leave it to dry for at least one minute to ensure the makeup does not smudge or blur. You can even use a setting spray without makeup to offer your skin a hit of hydration. This can be useful in the winter months when the chilly weather strips moisture from the skin.

To learn more about our wide range of setting powders, sprays or other products, contact us at DB Cosmetics today and a member of our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible!
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