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26th of October, 2021

How to create perfect eyebrows

Jordan Hazan
Easy Steps to Achieve the Perfect Brows | DB Cosmetics NZ | 01

Do you often feel overwhelmed when it comes to doing your brows? Or do you find that there are so many products available on the market that you just can’t select the right one? We’re here to guide you in creating the perfect brows with a few easy steps!

Our eyebrows work to accentuate the eye, shape the face and assist us in communicating. Learn how a well defined brow can enhance your appearance! Eyebrows come in many shapes and sizes… however our guide to the perfect brows fits all of them! Check out our top reasons for creating flawless brows:
  • Look more youthful
    Well maintained brows are the best kept anti-aging secret.. Although it’s time we let you in on the game-changing tip. As our most dominant facial feature, eyebrows are the first thing we notice when looking at a person. Properly groomed brows work to make your eyes appear bigger and your appearance more youthful.

  • Enhance your appearance
    Well-kept brows allow you to maintain a groomed look despite not wearing a drop of makeup! They help you to achieve an overall polished look while enhancing your natural beauty. By maintaining your brows, you will be able to ditch the makeup while remaining to look like you put effort into your appearance.

  • Balance the face
    Well-groomed brows work to balance the face, as opposed to unsymmetric brows which often throw off facial balance and can change the appearance of your face altogether. Introducing brow shaping techniques into your daily beauty routine allows for a more defined brow look.
For further help selecting the best products for your brows, check out our ultimate brow makeup guide for more tips and tricks!

The importance of achieving the perfect brows

Our eyebrows are one of our greatest facial features, after all a well defined brow works to open your eyes and improve your face symmetry. Poorly maintained brows will naturally attract attention, ultimately detracting from your amazing makeup and natural beauty.

Shape it till you make it

Before you reach for the tweezers and start over plucking your brows we urge you to follow our tips and tricks on how to shape your eyebrows to achieve the perfect shaped brows. The first step in achieving flawless brows is to pluck any outlier hairs, allowing for a base shape when filling your brows in. When doing this, we encourage you to follow the ‘less is more’ approach.. Allowing more brow to work with is always a better option than going over-kill on the plucking.

Everyone has an individual natural brow shape that should be followed during the shaping process. We suggest first defining the start and end point of your brow, where you can then determine which hairs need to go. If you are more experienced in the shaping field we recommend using wax to achieve a clean brow shape, then using your tweezers to get those last few hairs. The final step in prepping your brows is to take a spoolie and brush your brows upwards.

Line your brows to perfection

Lining your brows involves creating a stencil. This allows for easy application and minimal mess when filling your brows in as it creates a barrier to work within. The most important consideration when lining your brows is to follow the natural shape as this will create an appealing brow that matches your individual facial features.

Take your Brow Pencil and begin applying short backwards strokes allowing the pencil to stain the skin and create your desired shape. It is important to apply very gentle pressure when establishing your brows with your pencil as this prevents you from creating a brow look that is four shades too dark. Alternatively, you can achieve a natural look by using the Absolute Feather Brow Pen. For convenience, check out the Pro Brow Kit to effortlessly stencil your desired shape and fill the brows.

Now it’s time to start filling your brows in

Filling your brows is the most substantial step in achieving the perfect brows. In doing so, we suggest using brow powder.

Brow powder helps to achieve a natural look while filling in any holes or sparse areas in the brows. Powder works in conjunction with the brow pencil to help set the formula and create long lasting looks. We suggest opting for a brow powder if you’re looking to create a softer look. Try adding brow powder to your routine when creating an effortless everyday makeup look to experience the enhanced beauty benefits.

An important element in the filling process is making sure that you select the right colour. If you have dark hair, go for a colour that is a shade or two lighter than your natural brows. However, if you have naturally lighter brows, we suggest choosing a colour that is a half to one shade darker than your natural brows.

You may want to try incorporating the Extend A Brow kit into your routine to experience instant volumised brows. The ultra fine formula bonds to the brows to provide a fuller appearance.

Secure your brows for hours

Brow gel is the most essential product in your brow routine. Whether you’re using it on its own to tame your brows for an everyday look, or using it as the last step in your routine to secure your brows in place, it is highly beneficial. Coloured brow gel is a popular option amongst experts as it effortlessly offers intensified colour, hold and fullness to the brows. Completing your brow routine with gel allows you to achieve a well-groomed look.

To apply your brow gel, take the applicator and gently brush the brows from the inside out, using the spoolie to follow your desired brow shape and secure the hairs in place. For a naturally groomed brow look we suggest trying the Brow Power Tinted Brow Gel on its own for additional colour while securing the brows all day long. The tinted gel can additionally be used after filling your brows in to add depth and dimension for an enhanced look. Alternatively, users may want to try the Un-BROW-lievable Clear Brow Gel to set the brows in place and add volume without enhancing the colour.

Tidy edges and highlight the brow bone for the ultimate perfect brows

Incorporating concealer into your brow routine is an absolute game changer! Once you’ve finished filling your brows in to achieve your desired look, take your concealer and an angled brush and begin painting a frame around the brows. Haven’t quite perfected the brow shaping? Not to worry.. The concealer will work to disguise any hairs that you may have missed, contributing to an overall neat brow look. In addition, the concealer will work to enhance the shape of your brows by carving out your desired shape. Finish this look off by adding some of your favourite highlighter around the brow to enhance the brow bone and complete your look!

We suggest checking out the Skin Renew Ceramide Concealer for the complete look. This Ceramide-infused concealer is lightweight on the skin while it also provides full coverage. Including a sponge tip, the concealer allows for easy application. Infused with Vitamin A and Hyaluronic Acid, the concealer works to rejuvenate the skin, leaving you feeling hydrated.

Final tips and tricks

Whatever you do, ensure that you have a mirror! When you begin applying your brow products, it's best to start with a light and steady hand. From here, you can simply intensify the colour through applying greater pressure, if that’s your desired look. During the application process, constantly pause to check how our brows appear from a distance, as this will be your best guide in ensuring that you don’t over-do it. Lastly, be sure to apply your brow product in natural light! This allows for the most accurate reflection of your face.

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