My Favourite Age is Now: Pro-Age Tips from 4 Everyday Women

It’s our birthday! Since our beginning, and today still, we are proud to be a certified cruelty-free beauty brand that offers high quality, affordable, and healthy makeup.

At DB Cosmetics we proudly support pro-age beauty and encourage women to proudly show their natural beauty. We believe that beauty doesn't diminish with age. On the contrary, we’re firm believers that we become happier and more beautiful with age and want our community to feel confident to embrace their vibrancy and adventurous nature at any age.

Dealing with ageing as a woman

Living your life to the fullest is all about embracing your natural beauty and showcasing your best features, not hiding them. We want you to feel beautiful everyday in your own skin and with our 5 Pro-Age beauty tips to embrace the real you we’re here to help you get there. We spoke to four inspiring women from our community and asked them how they deal with getting older and about the importance of embracing aging gracefully.

Here’s what they had to day:

Mel Brady - Stylist and embrace your age advocate.

Hi Mel, can you tell us what everyday beauty means to you?
“Looking after my skin. After all, it's the canvas we all start with.”

What does pro-age or loving your age mean to you?
“I'm about embracing age. I believe no matter our age we should try and live in the now.”

Tell us why your favourite age is now?
“I no longer worry about other people's opinions of me.”

What kind of representation would you like to see in the beauty space? “Everyone, diversity is key.”

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Tara Darby - Mum of 2 school kids. Keeps the house running.

Tara, can you tell us a bit about what everyday beauty means to you?
“Everyday beauty is self-confidence, spreading the love and lifting other people up. I always make sure I compliment other women, it's amazing how many people are shocked by this or don't do this! It can make someone's day by making them feel beautiful and special. I see people walk away with a spring in their step.”

What does pro-age or loving your age mean to you?
“I feel I have a confidence now in my 40s that I definitely didn't have in my 20s when I was gorgeous but never thought of it! It's being satisfied and self-accepting in your own skin.”

Tell us why your favourite age is now?
“Well, I wish I could go back to my 20s! However, I love the confidence that comes with being in my 40s. I'm not trying to impress anyone, I'm in control of my own body and self. It's quite empowering!”

What kind of representation would you like to see in the beauty space?
“That we can still have fun, have self-love. You can be beautiful at any age, and have positive role models.”

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Melinda Tzambazakis - Mum to a 12 month son. Loves Greek food, dancing & big family get-togethers.

Melinda, what does everyday beauty mean to you?
“Everyday beauty to me is showing off your natural beauty by using a simple skin care routine and natural makeup that enhances your facial features and beauty.”

What does pro-age or loving your age mean to you?
“Loving your age to me means you wholeheartedly embrace your age. Appreciating and 'owning' the physical changes life gives to you.”

Tell us why your favourite age is now?
“My favourite age is now because all we have is now. I've only just turned 36 years old and a first time Mum. Yes, I'm slowly seeing age lines but they are from laughing & crying a lot in my 20s.”

What kind of representation would you like to see in the beauty space?
“Down to earth, everyday real people! I'd like to see all ages & ethnicities to be represented.”

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My favourite age is now

Nicole Groch - Makeup artist, dedicated to using only cruelty-free products.

Nicole, what does everyday beauty mean to you?
“It means using as minimal a product possible to create a natural, healthy, uncaked look and of course using vegan and cruelty-free products only. My motto has always been "no animal should ever suffer or die for human vanity.”

What does pro-age or loving your age mean to you?
“Acceptance that we are meant to get lines, wrinkle and not look like we did in our 20s, 30s, and even 40s. Being grateful that we get to live to see our faces age, as so many people are not fortunate enough to live to grow old.”

Tell us why your favourite age is now?
“At 50 I feel I am at an age where I really respect and like who I am as a person. I honestly no longer care what others think of me if I know that I live my life with kindness and empathy. I have a half a century of life experience to look back on and you learn to take what you need and let go of what you don't.”

What kind of representation would you like to see in the beauty space?
“All beauty brands taking on a 100% cruelty-free, ethical, vegan approach to the production of their products. And of course ensuring that they are also produced as environmentally-friendly as possible. I would also like to see them take on a more realistic and responsible approach to how they advertise their products, so the average woman isn't trying to obtain what they see in a highly photoshopped image of a model.”

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How to embrace your natural beauty

The visible signs of ageing are the beautiful indicators of the laughter and experiences you’ve had throughout your life, they’re what make you, YOU. Say no to hiding your age because you’re ashamed of these lines!

At DB Cosmetics, our beauty products and pro-age makeup for mature skin focus on healthy ingredients, offering high quality skincare, meaning you’ll only need a few essential products to give your skin a brightening boost and healthy glow.
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