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19th of January, 2022

Lock-In The Perfect Summer Glow, All Day Long

Jordan Hazan
How To Get An All Day Long Summer Glow | DB Cosmetics NZ | 01

Keeping your makeup looking fresh and fine in the summer months can become a mission. Methods of combating the heat might keep you cool, but can mean that your look fades, leaving you without that enviable summer glow.

Higher temperatures, sweating, direct sunlight – all of these factors and more can affect makeup performance. So, when searching how best to apply makeup in summer, there is so much to consider both in your techniques and the products you use, including ingredients, coverage density, smudge resistance, and longevity.

At DB Cosmetics, we put together not only our best summer makeup tips, but a list of products containing the required elements for perfecting that all-day summer glow.

Create the Perfect Base with our Mattifying Blur Primer

Often one of the most overlooked steps in a makeup routine, using the right primer will make a massive difference to your finished look, regardless of the time of year. By creating a steady base for products to be layered on, primer supports the longevity of other makeup by holding it in place. Our Mattifying Blur Primer is an example of a primer that offers a perfect base so that your foundations and concealers are not directly absorbed into the skin, especially when the temperature starts to rise.

Find Ideal Summer Coverage with Our Lightweight BB Cream

Using full-coverage foundations can be more of a hindrance than a help in the summertime. Oily and combination skin types can experience difficulties with this type of makeup due to moisture in the skin. This is where products like our lightweight BB Cream come into their own. With SPF and a gentle feel, it offers a breathable, dewy look for summer makeup. Depending on your application preferences, using your fingers will warm up the product to help it blend more easily, whereas a foundation brush or sponge can offer a smoother, more professional look.

Achieve Full, Heat Resistant Coverage with Our Longwear Foundation

There are times when a blemish or breakout just needs attention, and a full-coverage foundation is the best answer. It is essential to use the right amount of product, as applying too much can cause your skin to feel heavy or risk developing a ‘caked’ look, should the right products not be used. To make full-coverage foundation work best for you in the summer heat, layer only where you need it the most. This, plus the use of primer and setting powder, will help you achieve a lightweight look that lasts all day. Our Longwear Foundation offers a range of benefits to help you get that summer glow, including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Peptide Infusions to give you soft, firm and glowing skin.

Highlight, Bronze & Blush Up with Our Quick Fix Sticks

With blush and its natural rosy hue, bronzer and its illusion of glowing skin, and highlighter with its effect of inner brightness, each product is effective when used individually as summer makeup, but work best when used in conjunction with each other. With our Quick Fix Sticks, we can channel each of these products in a wide range of shades and colours to suit light, medium and deep skin tones. With their long-wearing cream finish, our products don’t sink into the skin, leaving you looking bright and healthy all day long.

Add-in an Extra Glow with Our Liquid Gold Jelly Highlighter

By being precise and applying highlighter to certain facial highpoints, you can elevate your overall summer glow makeup. Our Liquid Gold Jelly Highlighter has an easy blending texture during application, hydrating properties, and an unmatched golden shade that compliments every skin tone. If you are looking for tips on how best to apply this makeup in summer, start your application above the apple of your cheeks, before sweeping across your cheekbone with your fingers or a brush to create a finished, glowing look.

Give Your Lips the Perfect Summery Dazzle with Our Shine Sheer Lipstick

Summertime doesn’t work well with heavier lipsticks, so aim for a more subtle lip look. Our Shine Sheer Lipsticks are ideal for higher temperatures with their lightweight formulation, shiny application and wide range of shades and colours available to suit everyone. The different shades best suited for summertime can vary, such as pops of colour and delicate, natural hues.

Secure Your Summer Glow with Our Mist Me Setting Spray

To give your makeup the best chance of lasting, the use of a setting spray is key. Not only does it hold your makeup in place, but the ingredients and unique formulation also offer a range of skincare benefits to nourish your skin as you wear it. Our Mist Me Setting Sprays deliver a way to refresh and hydrate your skin, providing a glowing finish from the infusion of ultra-fine shimmer particles, achieved by infusions of rosewater and white gold.

Tips to Perfect Your All-Day Glow This Summer

Using the best products to maintain glowing skin all summer long is only part of the process. Here are 3 tips to help you apply your makeup and ensure that you get the most out of it every time.
  1. Apply it in thin layers, gently building coverage, especially on long days where you may not have time to touch up your look.
  2. Exfoliation and moisturising are key to preparing your skin before application.
  3. Try using creams and oils, as these are reliably long-lasting and reflect less light to appear more natural in photographs throughout the day.
Lastly, remember that all of our listed products above and more work best when used in unison with each other to have the best summer glow. If you are interested in learning more about our summer-specific products, contact us at DB Cosmetics and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible to help you find the perfect product for you!