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25th of October, 2019

Get the Look: Mystical Mermaid

Jordan Hazan
Get The Look: Mystical Mermaid | DB Cosmetics NZ | 01

Get this Halloween-SPOOK-tacular look with our  Make it Magic 35 Shade Eyeshadow Palette!

This look is all about layers and building definition and colour. Follow the steps to create the look and a beautiful shape to your face.

Prep your base with your favourite primer and foundation.

Step 1. Sweep “Enchanted” across the lids to prime your base.

Step 2. Pack “Glass Slipper” onto the eyelids

Step 3. Blend “Into the Sunset” on the outer corners of the eyes, sweep it up the cheekbones, into the temples and hairline.

Step 4. Layer “Mystical Liar” along the cheekbones

Step 5. Increase the definition by blending “Crystal Ball” under the cheekbone, across the forehead near the hairline.

Step 6. Darken with “Tallest Tower” along the hairline and jawline.

Step 7. Blend “Into the Sunset” outwards from the brow and along the cheekbone.

Step 8. Darken your waterline and define your nose with “Supernatural”

Complete your look with some fabulous face jewels, black Liquid eyeliner, mascara and your favourite lippy! Used in the video: