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20th of December, 2021

7 Sensational Seasonal Styles for this Christmastime

Jordan Hazan
7 Sensational Seasonal Styles for this Christmastime | DB Cosmetics NZ | 01

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So, it only serves that you feel and look the best you possibly can this Christmastime. Whether it’s that work Christmas party, a Christmas Eve gala or even the big day itself surrounded by family and friends, perfecting those Christmas makeup looks is something you deserve.

After a tough year of pandemic problems, it’s time to let loose and break out your best holiday makeup to really make a statement. From holiday eye makeup looks to party makeup, we’re sure to have something to pique your interest, so read on to discover some classic trends, great new ideas and signature holiday makeup looks.

How to do Holiday Makeup Looks?

When we think about how to do holiday makeup looks, one thing largely comes to mind – glitter! For the most magical time of year, glitter and sparkle is something that we all look forward to experimenting with around Christmastime for those Christmas makeup ideas. Mixing up your regular makeup staples and the glamour packed glitter festival makeup you keep aside for special occasions, the potential for creating truly spectacular Christmas makeup looks is right around the corner.

At DB Cosmetics, we can help you find the best holiday makeup as you test out holiday eye makeup looks and Christmas makeup trends. By following these trends and adding your own special brand of personality, you can create a spectacular holiday party makeup look that is perfect for you. Check out some of our suggestions to help you find the best holiday makeup to create your own Christmas makeup looks.

1. Classic Red Lip with a Bold Wing

Nothing beats the classics – and nothing says classy like a red lip! Pair this with a bold winged liner and you have an unbeatable Christmas makeup look for the ages. Check out our Bold Longwear Lipstick in Ruby Red to add a splash of intense, long-lasting colour and our Absolute Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen to define and accentuate your eyes. You can even complete the look with some shimmer eye makeup or glitter to really make things pop!

2. Emerald Eyes

Use this festive season to experiment with rich makeup tones to create vibrant holiday eye makeup looks. You can try our Emerald Eyes Christmas makeup ideas by checking out our Pigment Plus Eyeliner in Emerald Sea and our Eye Love It 12 Shade Eyeshadow Palette to showcase your eyes amongst more natural, neutral Christmas makeup looks.

3. Golden Glimmer

If you are looking to add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas makeup looks, but aren’t ready to jump right in with those all over glitter festival makeup looks, then try a bit of Golden Glimmer in your holiday makeup looks. For Christmas makeup ideas like this, take a look at our Liquid Gold Jelly Highlighter, Golden Goddess Face & Body Highlighter and the Quick Fix Cream Highlight to experiment and achieve your own Christmas eye makeup look.

4. Glitter Wings

A larger-than-life Glitter Wing is the perfect Christmas makeup look to really make a statement this holiday season. Grab some tape to form your creation, framing your eyes to achieve this statement holiday party makeup look. For Christmas makeup ideas like this, try adding our Liquid Eyeliner in Black Silver Glitter to enhance this already extravagant holiday eye makeup look.

5. Sculpted Blush

Blush is one of the key products in every makeup kit. This festive season, use this everyday staple to experiment and create your own Christmas makeup looks by using blush to carefully sculpt your face. With our Quick Fix Blushes, you can build your own holiday makeup look focusing on a subtle warmth, leaving you looking refreshed and ready for a party!

6. Blotted/Blurred Lips

Take your bold statement lip colours and give them a gentle, softer effect by trying to blot or blur your lip line. Try our Shine Sheer Lipstick to add a burst of colour to your holiday makeup look. To neaten up this particular Christmas makeup look, have a little concealer on hand to cover up.

7. Sultry Plum

This classic Christmas makeup trend comes with a twist. Check out our Smokey Eye – Eye See You 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette and Lush Moisturizing Lipstick to add a deep, rich plum tone to this holiday party makeup look. With the best holiday makeup, you can add your own tweaks on colour to fully personalise this Christmas makeup look.

Get Started on Your Christmas Makeup Looks with DB Cosmetics

Working on your Christmas makeup ideas is a great reason to branch out and find some of the best holiday makeup to enrich your signature looks. At DB Cosmetics, we have a full range of the best holiday makeup to suit any occasion, from practising holiday eye makeup looks, perfecting Christmas makeup, to experimenting with glitter festival makeup.

All our products are affordable and of designer quality so that you get the best makeup for your pursuit of Christmas makeup trends. Check out our full makeup range online today to get started on perfecting your Christmas makeup looks for 2021 and make those holiday party makeup ideas a reality!