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12th of October, 2020

5 Must-Have Makeup Trends for Spring 2020

Jordan Hazan
5 Must-Have Makeup Trends For Spring 2020 | DB Cosmetics NZ | 01

As women across Australia are saying goodbye to their boring winter warmers, we’re saying hello to exciting new beauty choices and the latest spring makeup trends!

From trying  colourful makeup looks to hunting for the  best lip plumper, let's take a closer look at some of the hottest  current makeup trends 2020 has to offer.

1. Glossy Lips

The early 2000s revival is stronger than ever, and glossy lips are the key to a glamorous look this spring. But this year, we’re achieving the same shiny and full look as conventional lip glosses without the unwanted stickiness with the  Lavish Lip Gloss and its incredible, non-sticky formula.

Lip plumper gloss is a particularly popular trend this spring. Designed to instantly give your lips that fuller look without resorting to needles, lip plumpers are the best way to plump your lips naturally. Available in three tinted gloss shades, the Lip Boost Plumping Treatment will give your lips a fuller-looking pout that only comes at the price of a slight tingling sensation. Plus, it's formulated with a hydrating combination of Vitamin E and Q10 to keep the lips hydrating and give them a hi-shine glossy look!

The great thing about switching back to lip gloss is that you know it will suit every look, including a  no-makeup look. We love that glossy lips are back, and are welcoming it with open arms into our spring beauty collection!

2. Watercolour Eyes

Nature is waking up again after a sleepy winter, and it’s time for your eyeshadow palette to become more colourful too! This spring, opt for varying shades of pinks and purples for a subtle yet stunning look reminiscent of the flowers opening up all around us again.

Colour combinations that focus on the violet hues were already massive in 2019 and continue to dominate in 2020. The  Eye See You 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette - Make It Mauve is our personal favourite right now, delivering six stunning shades from light pink to deep mauve, including matte transitions for easy blending. It’s the perfect spring makeup palette for any look or occasion.

3. Over-the-Top Blush

Spring is a time to get creative again, and makeup is no exception. Pink, coral and peach blush are all the rage this season, and the latest trend is to blend them together to create one big “colour glow”. Bold blush has been employed by industry insiders for years to give the face more definition and intensity.

This  colourful makeup look creates a healthy flush that can be as pared back or as dramatic as you’d like, depending on the shades you choose and how much you decide to blend it. We're currently going crazy for the  Make Em Blush Pressed Mineral Blush, which has an excellent blending formula and is available in a Peach, Rose, Pink, or Nude Glow for truly stunning outcomes.

4. Bright Lipstick

Kissable lips will make you the queen of spring, especially when you put on your  best bright lipstick shade. Bright lipsticks in a range of pink tones are just what you need for spring, to guarantee natural yet defined lips.

For a  colourful lipstick that lasts all day, try the  Bold Longwear Lipstick. Its long-lasting formula and new shades are a must-have, and we’ll be rocking the Spring Pink shade all season. As a rule of thumb, warm pinks suit olive-toned skin, while cooler skin tones will look better with pinks edging towards blue hues.

5. '60s Cat Eye

Winged eyeliner is an  eye makeup beauty trend that will never die, but 2020 has seen a revival of the '60s  cat eye look thanks to celebs like Selena Gomez. A corner flick from the outside of your eye will alter the shape of your eye to deliver a piercing look. Alternatively, a single horizontal stroke on the upper lid will make your eyes stand out just as much.

Any colour will work wonders for the cat eye trend, but if you are new to this spring trend, lighter colours are a safer bet until you feel confident enough to try something more vibrant. It's the application of the eyeliner that truly brings the 60's cat eye to life and an ultra-fine pen, like the  Absolute Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen can bring purrfect results.

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