10 Steps For A Relaxing At Home Spa Day

When was the last time you set aside some time for yourself? And by that, we mean more than an hour or two. If it’s been a while, why not treat yourself to a DIY spa day?

Follow these steps to turn your home into a spa for the day, and you’ll be melting away into a state of pure bliss in three, two, one…

1. Set the scene

For a true spa-like vibe, slip into a fluffy robe or comfortable clothes, play soft music, and put your phone on airplane mode. While you’re at it, light your favorite candle or diffuse a calming essential oil, like rose or ylang yang. To keep hydrated, you could even make your own ‘spa water’ by adding mint, blueberries, or cut-up cucumber or citrus fruits.

2. Boost your Circulation

Before having a shower or bath, spend a few minutes dry body brushing your entire body. Using the  DB Cosmetics Revitalising Dry Body Brush, start at your feet and work your way upwards, moving the brush in firm, circular motions. The  dry brushing technique is brilliant for stimulating circulation and waking up the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

3. Soak in a hot bath

A long, steamy soak is a luxurious treat. It eases tension and soothes the muscles and mind, and the warmth of the water helps to open up your pores and prep it for your skincare products. To make your bath even more relaxing, add essential oils and scented bath salts. The Me-Time Bath Crystal Trio has three yummy scents to choose from: Mint me Later, Rosé All Day and Meet Your Matcha.

As for  what to do while taking a bath, that’s up to you! You could close your eyes, read a book, or sip on some herbal tea.

4. Exfoliate your Face and Body

Refresh your body with a luxe body wash, like the all-natural  KIND Invigorating Body Wash. Then, slough off dead skin cells with an invigorating scrub. We like the  KIND Renewing Body Scrub. It’s packed with ingredients like kakadu plum and shea butter to gently exfoliate your skin, and it smells incredible. Don’t forget your feet!

5. Cleanse

After you’ve exfoliated your body, turn your attention to your face. For a deep cleanse, use the  DB Cosmetics Face Spa System. The electronic cleansing brush effectively lifts makeup, dirt and oil, and exfoliates at the same time for baby-soft skin.

6. Moisturise from top to toe

Pat yourself dry, and then reach for a rich moisturiser, like the vanilla-scented  Glow Luminous Body Cream. Believe us when we say it smells good enough to eat! In our everyday lives, we often rush through this step, but today, take your time and massage the moisturiser in. Then, wait a few minutes for the cream to absorb before putting your robe or comfy clothes back on.

7. Apply a Face Mask - or two!

Now that you’re sparking clean, it’s time for the next step of your at-home pamper session: Face masks! Choose a sheet mask that matches your skin type or any pesky issues you’re dealing with. For dry skin, try the  Soothe & Hydrate AquaPorin Deluxe Sheet Mask. If your complexion is looking a little oily or congested, go for the  Cleanse & Purify Charcoal Powder Deluxe Sheet Mask. And if dull, lacklustre skin is your major concern, the  Lift Glow Glutathione Deluxe Sheet Mask will help bring back your glow. You can layer one after the other too - that’s one of the main benefits of sheet masks! Lock in all the skin-loving goodness by following up with your regular serum and moisturiser.

Pro Tip:  When you’re done masking, massage in the residue using your fingers or the  DB Cosmetics So Jaded Facial Roller - which will also nix any puffiness.

8. Give your Feet some TLC

Between walking, exercising, and stuffing them into shoes and socks, our feet takes a beating every day. Now’s your chance to give yours some love. Fill up a small tub with warm water, and soak your feet in there for 10-15 minutes.

If you have a thing for colourful nails, you could give yourself a DIY pedicure too. Buff and trim your nails, add a couple of coats of your  favourite polish, and flip through a magazine while you’re waiting for your nails to dry!

9. Moisturise your Mitts

The skin on our hands is super delicate, so you want to use a specially formulated product. Enter: The  KIND Hydrating Hand Cream. It has hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and evening primrose oil to hydrate, and soothe the skin, and it’s non-greasy! Take a few seconds to massage it in - it’s amazing how much tension we can hold in our hands!

Pro Tip:  Apply a few drops of cuticle oil to nourish your nails too.

10. Chill out for the rest of the day

You’re all primped, preened and pampered, and there’s nothing left to do but relax. If you ask us, the best part about spa days is staying in your robe for as long as possible! Maybe you can order in, snuggle up with a book or movie, and then tuck yourself into bed early. How relaxing does that sound?

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