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Which Eyeshadow Colour Is Best For Your Eye Colour?

  • 4 min read

When it comes to makeup, anything goes! There’s only one rule, and that’s to have fun with it! Makeup is there to enhance what you already have and help you to express yourself, so you can wear whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good.

If you love eye makeup and really want to make your eyes pop, you might be wondering: “which eyeshadow colour is best for me?” The answer to that comes down to the colour of your eyes, and our experts are here to give you the lowdown!

If you have Brown Eyes...

Great news! Your brown eyes are made up of a mix of primary colours, so just about any colour eyeshadow compliments them.

Warm shades like bronze, copper and gold will bring out the hazel flecks in your brown eyes, and shimmery shadows will look dreamy on you. If you’re feeling a little tired, dab a little shimmer on the inner corners of your eyesusing a brushand watch your peepers perk up!

If you want to play around with a splash of bright colour, try purple, green, blue or navyeyeshadow for brown eyes. These hues will highlight the irises and make the whites of your eyes even whiter. The result?Seriouslyeye-popping shadow.

DB recommends:You have your pick of the eyeshadow palettes!TheEye See You Palette - Sea Breezehas six neutral, blue andmetallic eyeshadowsto help you create a beachy look, and theEye Love It - Spice It Upis perfect for after-dark, with 12 matte and shimmery shadows to choose from. Plus, it’s chocolate scented!

If you have Hazel or Green Eyes...

Hazel and green eyes are pretty rare, so we bet you’re used to getting compliments on yours! To accentuate the tones in your eyes even more, reach for eyeshadows with pink and purple tones.

From pale pink and magenta to lavender and eggplant, these shades will emphasise the gold flecks in your hazel eyes, and create contrast with the tones in your green eyes.

If you’re the proud owner of hazel peepers, rich, autumnal colours like earthy brown, bronze, gold and emerald green will also bring out the warmth in your eyes. And if your eyes are more green than hazel, you can experiment with shades with reddish undertones, like rust and burgundy. Since red compliments green on the colour wheel, theseeyeshadows for green eyeswill look dazzling on you.

Top tip:Black eyeliner can look severe with hazel or green eyes, especially in the daytime. To soften your look, use a creamy charcoal or brown eyeliner instead.

DB recommends: TheEye See You - Make It Mauvehas your name all over it! The best eyeshadow for hazel eyes, it contains six ultra-pigmented shadows, including a natural eyeshadowcolour for your baseand five purple and pink hues to play around with!

If you have Blue Eyes...

Blue eyes are a recessive trait, so if you’ve got them, show them off! Your eyes naturally have vibrant tones and don’t need much help to “pop,” but contrasting colours are especially show-stopping on you.

Warm metallics like copper, champagne and gold will pick up gold flecks in your eyes and make your baby blues appear even bluer. The same goes with rich, earthy browns. These shades all have orange undertones, which enhances the brightness of your eyes and lights up cool, blue eyes.

Those shades aside, shimmery greys and silvers are amazingeyeshadow looks for blue eyes. And we love a wash of terracotta or navy shadow on a blue-eyed beauty!

DB recommends:TheEye Love It - Neutral Palette has a range of gold and brown shadows to set your blue eyes ablaze — and two shimmery shades that double as highlighters! And theEye See You - Fired Upis acolourful eyeshadow paletteto amp up your look fromday to night.

If you have Grey Eyes...

If we had to describe your eyes in one word, it’d be mysterious. Grey eyes are rare, and can change shades depending on your lighting and mood. This makes it a little harder to find thebest eyeshadow colours for grey eyes.

Luckily, there are a few colours that always work on you. To really enhance the natural grey in your eyes, experiment with silver, gunmetal and icy blue shades, as well as dark greys and light blues.

Whatever you do, your eyes are going to look striking — so don’t be afraid to experiment with bold makeup, like a smokey eye!

DB recommends:MeetEye See You - Smoke and Glitter,your new everyday eyeshadow palette. It has six blendable shades, including a shimmery grey that wasmadefor you. If you’re ready to play around with blue shadows, theEye See You - Sea Breeze Palette is a solid choice.

If you have Dark Brown Eyes...

Your rich, deep brown eyes are something special, and you can have a lot of fun with your eye makeup. Thanks to the dark tones in your eyes, you can play around with super pigmentedeyeshadows for brown eyes.

The options are endless, but we can’t go past a beautiful silver or violet shadow. These are complementary shades on the colour wheel, and they’ll highlight the golden flecks in your eyes and make your peepers pop.

Shimmery and glittery eyeshadowsalso flatter your eyes, and you can choose any colours you want!

DB recommends:Grab the Eye See You 6 Shade Eye-Shadow Palette in Crystal Glimmerbefore it’s gone! It has a violet shade that is to die for, plus a beautiful burgundy and a couple of shimmery gold shades. TheEye See You - Kah-Keenis great too, with six wearable shades to take you from the boardroom to the bar.

Shop the best Eyeshadows for your Eye Colour

Now that you know which colours will flatter your eyes the most, it’s time to play around with a palette! Browse our vegan eyeshadow palettesonline,and score free shipping on all orders over $50.

While you’re waiting for your goodies to arrive, check outour blogfor expert eye makeup tips!