How To Choose The Best Sheet Mask For Your Skin Type

Sheet masks are all the rage right now and for good reason! Not only are they the best form of self-care, but they’re absolutely soaked in serum - and as any skincare lover knows, a good serum can go a long way in enhancing your skin.

Just like all face masks, each DB Cosmetics Sheet Mask targets a specific skin concern. But before we go into the best sheet mask for your skin type, let’s talk about why and how to add these masks to your routine.

The Benefits of Sheet Mask

When it comes to skincare, sheet masks offer the best of both worlds: They have the potency of a serum but the fast delivery of a mask. Once you put them on, the serum deeply penetrates your skin and helps to repair dryness, congestion or whatever pesky skin issue you’re dealing with.

Along with delivering a high concentration of ingredients to the skin, sheet masks also boost the effectiveness of your other skincare products. Yes, really! A face mask preps your skin and any moisturisers or face oils you apply afterwards will absorb better.

How to use a Sheet Mask

Think of sheet masks as skin saviours. They complement your skincare routine and give your skin a boost when it needs it most. As for  how often to use a sheet mask, pop on a sheet mask once a week or more if you’re tired, travelling or have a jam-packed event calendar.

To get the most out of your sheet mask, follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse your skin - There’s no point in putting a sheet mask on top of makeup or dirty skin, so make sure you’re starting with a clean canvas.

  2. Apply the  sheet mask - Put it on for 10-20 minutes, depending on what the label says. If you leave it on for longer, you run the risk of the serum absorbing  back into the mask.

  3. Remove the sheet mask  - When time’s up, take off the sheet mask and pat in any leftover serum. If you have a jade roller, you can use that instead to gently work the access serum into your skin.

  4. MoisturiseApply a moisturiser or face oil to seal in all the serum from the sheet mask.

The best Sheet Mask for your Skin Type

The best sheet mask for you is the one that suits your skin type. These are the DB Cosmetics masks that work wonders on each skin type:

  • Dull and uneven skin  -  Give your skin a boost with the  Lift & Glow Glutathione Sheet Mask. Thanks to Glutathione, Liquorice Root extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this mask will detoxify your skin and leave it looking brighter. It’s great for freshening up your skin before events, too!

  • Dry, tight and itchy skin  - Nourish your skin with the help of the  Soothe & Hydrate Aqua Porin Sheet Mask. This  hydrating sheet mask replenishes lost moisture and infuses your skin with vitamins. We love popping this one on after a long flight.

  • Oily and congested skin - Deeply clean and detoxify your complexion with the  Cleanse & Purify Charcoal Powder Deluxe Sheet Mask, a  sheet mask for oily skin.  The charcoal works to lift impurities from deep within the skin, while Kaolin mops up excess oil.

Treat your Skin to a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are the ultimate treat for your skin. To give your complexion the boost it’s craving, shop  our range of Sheet Masks today!

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