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Jade Roller Basics: For Your Most Radiant Skin

Jade Roller for radiant skin

Wake up to something beautiful! Our So Jaded Facial Roller is more than the prettiest tool you’ll ever have in your bathroom. This unassuming roller helps to stimulate collagen production, boost skin elasticity and reduce puffiness all over your face. As you treat yourself to a home facial massage with the Jade Roller you are stimulating your skin to increase blood circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. Together, the increase of new blood and drainage of old blood from the face immediately lifts your complexion and over time improves the elasticity in your skin, it also feels GREAT!

The So Jaded Facial Roller comes with two specially designed heads, a smooth and calming roller to calm and balance your skin and a ridged head to stimulate and invigorate your skin.

How to use the So Jaded jade roller

First, start by cleansing your face and applying your favourite moisturiser or face oil.

Invigorate with the Ridged head

Start your routine by stimulating your face! Repeat each area 10 – 15 times.
Forehead: Roll right to left with medium pressure over your entire forehead.
Cheeks and Jawline: Starting from the chin, roll all the way up to the ear, continuing up the face following the line of the nose. Do this for each side of your face.

Calm and reduce puffiness with the Smooth head

Follow the steps above using the smooth roller over your forehead, cheeks and jawline.
Neck: starting from one side at the underside of your jawline, roll the smooth head with medium pressure down to your collar bone. Repeat this action as you move from one side to the other.
Under your eyes: Only use the smooth end on the delicate under eye area to reduce your morning puffiness. Roll from the inner corners and work your way to the outer edges of your face, rhythmically rolling backwards and forwards 10 – 15 times each side.

Your skin boosting, puffiness reducing jade skin roller routine is done! Don’t forget to wash your So Jaded Facial Roller after each use.

Pro Tip: Pop your So Jaded Facial Roller in the fridge to boost your results!